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February 06, 2012
Solvay has successfully commisioned the largest PEM Fuel Cell in the World at Solvin's Antwerp Plant
H2 powered industrial demonstration 1 MW Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell
November 10, 2011
VinyLoop® Amongst Top Ten Companies For Green Economy "Made In Italy"
The Italian Sustainable Development Foundation has recognized VinyLoop® amongst the top ten companies active in the field of waste treatment and sustainable development. The jury of the 2011 Sustainable Development Award highlighted VinyLoop® Ferrara’s position as one of the Top Ten “Green Economy Companies” in Italy.
Ecomondo press release ENEcomondo press release IT
October 25, 2011
VinyLoop® introduces its “green strategy” to react on increasing demand for Eco-Products.
Based on new study which proves low Eco-Footprint of VinyLoop® Recycled PVC, the company introduces its “green strategy” to react on increasing demand for Eco-Products.

SolVin is the second European producer of PVC resins with a production capacity of 1.3 million tons and 7 production sites spread all over Europe. Owned 75% by Solvay and 25% by BASF, SolVin is an uncontested leader on the vinyls market, offering the human community a broad variety of solutions for a large number of everyday needs: construction and engineering, health care, car industry, consumer goods... Learn more about us >>

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