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Halar® ECTFE for Coatings 

Halar® ECTFE, a copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene, is a semi-crystalline melt processable partially fluorinated polymer. It is available in different grades that are specifically designed for electrostatic powder coating.
Halar® ECTFE is particularly suitable for use as a coating material in protection and anti-corrosion applications thanks to its unique combination of properties.

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Property Test Method Units Halar® ECTFE
Melting point   °C 220-227
Specific gravity     1.68
Max continuous service temperature   °C 150
Oven process temperature   °C 250-280
Thermal expansion coefficient   10-5/°C 8
Flexural modulus @ 22°C ASTM D790 MPa 1,700
Tensile modulus @ 22°C ASTM D638 MPa 1,700
Yield stress @ 22°C ASTM D638 MPa 32
Tensile strength at break @ 22°C ASTM D638 MPa 48
Hardness Rockwell - Pencil   kV R93-4B
Hardness Shore     D 75
Impact strength notch Izod @ 25°C   J/m no break
Flammability     94 V-O
Oxygen index   % 60
Volume resistivity ASTM D257 1016
Dielectric constant @ 1 MHz     2.5
Dielectric strength 3mm thick   kV/mm 14.5
Dissipation factor @ 1 MHz     0.009
Water absorption   % <0.01
Permeability (cm3(STP)* mm/m2*atm*24h) *102  
 O2 @ 25°C     0.2
 N2 @ 25°C     0.1
 H2O (vapor) @ 25°C     7.5
Permeability (g*mm/m2*24h)  
 HCl 37% @ 50°C     0.5
 Methanol @ 50°C     0.3
 H2O (liq.) @ 50°C     0.5
Low temperature embrit.   °C <-76


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